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Since establishing in 1972, Spencer Technologies has grown to more than 225 employees and 135 technicians with five locations throughout the United States and Canada. For almost 40 years, our focus has been on retail and multi-site organizations, with a deep seeded dedication to the industry and the technology supporting it. Our team is comprised of retail and technical experts to ensure solutions are sound and relevant which allow us to provide services to top retailers of all specialities and is exposed to the latest trends in retail and technology (i.e. IBM Retail Users Conferences and CAB). We offer a complete Retail Services Suite to enable your business and staff.

At Spencer, we believe in a few simple philosophies that have built the foundation of our business and shape the relationships
with our customers:

Fix it first

We will find and complete whatever resolution is needed for your issue. Our first and foremost commitment is to have you up and running so that you can continue with your business.


Our goal is to provide the right products and services when you need them and wherever you need them. We will be transparent with our process and accountable to the success of your company as well as ours.


This simple phrase is widely overused, however, at Spencer Technologies, we will strive to become a trusted advisor and partner that can be counted on to deliver each time and every time.

Total Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is not a survey or list of numbers to choose from. It is an active and living process to ensure you are delivering value to your customer.


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Absolute Reliability

What does "Absolute Reliability" mean?

For us, it's more than a tag line: it's a business model. Our goal is nothing less than total satisfaction, every single time.

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Spencer Technologies provides retail technology solutions and support to some of the largest retail companies and multi-site organizations in the United States and Canada.