That’s why Spencer Technologies and its interactive division, Spencer Interactive, in conjunction with some of our key technology partners are bringing a sampling of these technologies and solutions to our clients.

It’s difficult to get to every Retail Industry event featuring current and new to market in-store retail technologies. That’s why Spencer Technologies and its interactive division, Spencer Interactive, in conjunction with some of our key technology partners are bringing a sampling of these technologies and solutions to our clients. This technology showcase includes some of the newly released technologies that were featured this year at NRFDigital Signage Expo and Info Comm. The solutions presented covered a variety of areas such as visual/interactive solutions, music and digital media content management, dedicated bandwidth for technologies separate from POS, beacon technologies and customer in store location solutions from companies such as Apple, Panasonic, int-AR-act, Regency, Bose, FootClicks and Microspace just to name a few.

Along with showcasing the wide range technology solutions and technology partners Spencer can support. The showcase provides an opportunity for Spencer to present some of the latest technologies and programs we are implementing in field to further improve our ability to proactively provide technical support in the retail environment while reducing cost.


An Answer to the critical demands for long-term operation – The PT-RZ670/RW630 peak-performing 1-chip DLPTM projectors were developed with the goal of achieving the highest possible image level as flagship models. Joining the ranks of Panasonic’s SOLID SHINE projectors, this new series offers the world’s first 6,500 lm of brightness in a laser light source 1-chip DLPTM projector. Panasonic’s original “Quartet Color Harmonizer” reproduces optimally efficient colors and images that approach those of high-end flagship models. Plus, the unprecedented reliability of the solid-state light source maintains image quality for 20,000 hours or more. Installation flexibility has also entered a new dimension with the PT-RZ670 Series. In addition, starting with the professional features in their flagship models for large-venue applications, a host of functions reflect the technology and know-how that Panasonic has accumulated over more than 30 years of projector development. The PT-RZ670 Series is setting new 21st century standards for reliable, high-quality projectors that easily meet the demands of critical professionals.


DIGITAL-WINDOWS: Transparent LED Technology. For the first time, digital signage can be used to connect environments–not divide them. DIGITAL WINDOWS is a revolutionary transparent LED technology that will change digital signage and the way it is experienced. Clients are no longer forced to choose between digital signage and open sight lines. Transparent LED technology enables clients to have both digital signage AND open sight lines–connecting environments in a way never before possible. Potential applications are limitless:

Retailers – Brands – Auto Dealerships – Museums – Casinos – Trade Shows – Special Events – Stadiums – Arenas – Banks – Architects – Designers – Transportation – Aviation – and many others


The Digital Video Strip is a video bar that can play high resolution videos on multiple 2.12″ x 3.75″ video screens. The size of the Digital Video Strip allows you to extend your campaign to the point of purchase. The Digital Video Strip coupled with our player and software allows for special effects to be implemented to amplify your brand message. Different images can be played on individual screens. Single images can be played across two or more screens. Images can move across the screens. Alternatively you can do any combination of the above depending on the number of screens in the unit.

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This flagship business music system from Bose delivers rich, powerful music for foreground and background applications, injecting new energy into any business space. With versatile new mounting options, the FreeSpace 3 Series II system brings premium Bose sound at a reasonable price to a wide variety of small and medium-sized commercial applications ranging from retail to restaurant to hospitality operations.