Our Techs

Spencer’s Technicians are strategically placed to meet our clients’ needs, wherever they are. We believe that training and certifying our technicians is a big reason why we have the most skilled and qualified fleet available.

Over the years, our technicians have been at the center of our success. We are fortunate to have technicians who have been with Spencer for over 40 years. Their specialization in structured cabling, network installations, Voice communications, and point of sale contributes to Spencer’s complete solution for your IT needs.

Whether you are opening a new store, looking for a network site survey, or new audio-visual capabilities, our technicians have the skill and aptitude be part of your solution.

Our W-2 Technicians

Our W-2s technicians are who distinguish our company out in the field. Our W-2 techs are responsible for 80% of our on-site dispatches, and have been for almost 50 years.

There are many reasons Spencer techs enjoy being a W-2. For one, they are all given a new company-branded Van. This van is fully stocked with the tools, ladders, and parts needed to get every job done. They are equipped with a field laptop and cell phone. Additionally, they know its our goal to have an 85% / 15 % on-site to travel ratio, while we pay for travel time.

Our W-2 Spencer techs are given employee benefits, such as health insurance and retirement plans, and access the career development tools. Part of this is our mentor program. We have assist techs who go on-site with our tenured lead techs so they can learn on the job with real experience outside of a classroom. Some of our other training opportunities include our Spencer University certification, and access to market-leading technology certifications through our partnered companies.

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SCP – Spencer Certified Partners

Our SCP program is select group of independent technicians representing Spencer. We understand that there are technicians who enjoy managing their schedule and independence. The SCP program has grown and consists of valued long-term business partners. All of our SCPs go through an application and training process so we can ensure they are qualified to be part of our field technician fleet.

SCPs are our first call to fulfill on-site jobs when we don’t have a W-2 available. With full access to Spencer University, our training and certification opportunities, and technical support, SCPs have the opportunity to work with us and grown their careers. We believe in fast payment on every job they complete with us.

Apply to the SCP Program

Apply to the SCP Program

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