Asset Management

Our industry-leading Asset Management program gives you deeper insights and accuracy into your inventory and asset lifecycle management.

Monthly Maintenance Programs

Spencer effectively manages the entire asset lifecycle while tracking each step of the way. We provide actionable Lifecycle Analysis for depot repair, reverse logistics, asset disposition, and other supply chain activities to maximize the life of your assets.

Spencer will be your wall-to-wall maintenance provider. We create customizable programs that fit your business needs. Our programs allow you to focus on your company vision, while we keep your inventory levels in check and deployed assets functioning properly.

Asset Stage and Configure

Stage devices so they are ready for deployment at any time. We strategically place configured devices across your footprint to reach the site as quickly as 4 hours, when needed. We also manage your PinPad staging with our PCI-Compliant Key Injection Facility.

Depot and Break/Fix

Get the most out of your IT assets by repairing and redeploying them back into the field. Our depot programs triage, repair, and test devices, while providing root cause analysis of your assets. Our board-level repair facility ensures the highest quality break/fix service across the industry.


Utilizing our 85,000 square foot warehouse, we can manage the shipping, receiving, and storage of your assets. With our asset reporting, you have real-time visibility on the location and status of every one of your assets.

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