The Limited, Gap, Autozone, McDonalds, Barnes & Noble, Pizza Hut to name a few ...

We are comprised of in-house trained technicians located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America to carry out every aspect of your POS deployment. Our experienced Project Managers provide a single point of contact throughout your entire POS rollout, be it for a single POS installation or thousands of devices. With over 40 years of experience in retail point-of-sale technology, Spencer Technology excels in customer satisfaction.

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Point of Sale Equipment

  • Reliable Network Cabling
  • High Tech Wireless Fast Food Restaurant Drive-Thru Systems
  • Dependable Printers, Scanners, Kitchen Video Systems
  • Fast IT Routers, Switches, Servers
  • Sharp & Clear CCTV/DVR Systems
  • Kitchen Display Systems
  • User Friendly Self Service Kiosks
  • Wi Fi Hotspots
  • Retail Software Migrations
  • Remote Wireless POS Solutions

Installation and Servicing

  • Emergency Replacement Service
  • Payment Terminal Repair & Reconditioning
  • ESO Registered Key Loading
  • Secure Key Management
  • Payment Terminal Application Loading, Staging, and Kitting

Restaurant POS Systems

With over 40 years of installation experience with IT equipment that makes restaurants function efficiently - everything from point-of-sale hardware & software, to the back office computer servers - we provide premier restaurant POS services. From a small, local bar and grill to multi-site franchised fast food chains, we have the tailored solution for your restaurant POS needs. Our technicians, who work out of 5 locations throughout the United States and Canada, are trained in-house to ensure they are up to date on all aspects of your POS project. Our technicians will work closely with you to ensure the highest level of customer service.

Our custom restaurant POS solution services range from configuration, rollout & deployment, maintenance, kitchen display systems, project management, installation, telephony and converged system solutions.

Your dedicated project manager will be your single point of contact. They will be there for you through the entire process to provide accountability, proficiency, and top notch customer service.

With clients like Pizza Hut and McDonalds, Spencer Technologies has proven that we are your one-stop-shop for POS installations and rollouts.

Payment Terminals

We provide full POS installation, configuration and support. Now including Apple Pay.

State-of-the-art cryptographic hardware and technology-management services for the safety and security of your sales. With over a decade of experience with Debit Terminals and PIN encryption, we understand how to keep liabilities and operational overhead low. We manage debit keys for you with our fully customized, ready-to-use key injection systems.

How our system works for you:


  • Our one-stop key encryption services save you time and money

  • Dependable

  • Overnight Emergency Replacement

  • Professional Repair Services

  • Increased Terminal Life Span

  • Asset Tracking and Deployment

  • In-store Key Conversions

  • Depot Key Conversions

  • Payment Terminal Application Loading, Staging, and Kitting


  • Experts in encryption engineering and installation

  • Specialized key encryption solutions

  • Encryption Key/Processor Conversion

  • Focus on evolving payment security standards

  • Support for new mobile device encryption requirements

  • Debit key and Data(MSR) key encryption supported


  • VISA Registered ESO Key Loading

  • Secure Key Storage and Management

  • Audited by Independent Security Organizations

  • Secure Terminal Disposal

  • Registered by all major processors