According to Zebra’s latest 2021 Shopper Study, store associates count on mobile devices more than ever to deliver quality customer service. From promoting safe social distancing guidelines to providing real-time inventory counts, mobile devices have been optimizing storefronts nationwide, with most team members seeing key productivity gains in:

  • Price look ups
  • Product locationing
  • Real-time customer assistance

However, despite these results, high labor turnover rates in retail continue to pose a challenge when implementing modernized in-store mobility. New hires may not feel as adept to use enterprise-grade devices, creating a new demand for technology that is both future-proof and user-friendly.

And that’s where Zebra’s EC30 comes in….

Developed with both the customer and employee in mind, Zebra’s EC30 enterprise companion reduces computing hassles by combining Android’s familiar user interface with several retail-ready connectivity features such as:

  • Secure text messaging
  • 1D/2D barcode scanning
  • Cordless PBX handset right out of the box
  • 2-way walkie-talkie functionality
  • Superior WiFi connectivity for instant response times.

By streamlining operational visibility with dependable communication and data capture, the EC30 enables your teams to:

  1. Accelerate onboarding – Android’s familiar interface eliminates the stress of learning a brand-new system for your new hires. This allows temporary workers to be immediately connected and productive, especially during peak seasons. 
  2. Check in with associates anywhere in the four walls – Thanks to Zebra’s Workforce Connect PTT Express, employees can convert their mobile computers into fully functioning communicators without backend modifications or additional cellular expenses, all via high-speed WiFi.  This efficiency leads to a more collaborative workplace built to serve customers.
  3. Lessen downtime stemming from broken/misplaced devices – While it looks like a consumer-grade device, the EC30 is still built tough to handle spills, drops, and tumbles without affecting performance. Moreover, Zebra’s Device tracker allows you to locate misplaced devices within your store for unbroken uptime.
  4. Rely on long-lasting battery cycles – A full charge has enough power for an 8-to-10-hour shift. Additionally, Zebra provides free PowerPrecision+ battery management tools to easily monitor battery life across your entire device pool.
  5. Support Your Existing Line-of-Business Applications – Android’s open ecosystem easily accommodates your crucial applications without rewriting them, so you can continue to look up prices, check inventory, manage tasks, and notify teams in real-time all through one small device that fits on a lanyard. 

At Spencer Technologies, we are constantly pushing the limits of innovation to revolutionize customer experiences with innovative solutions. Contact us for an analysis of your storefront’s current communication system to find a solution that best fits your goals.