As we’ve previously seen, storefronts across the globe are currently in a race to keep up with customer demands. The Digital Age has given way to new expectations such as satisfactory self-checkout, mobile ordering, and buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS). According to past studies such as Zebra’s latest 2021 Shopper Study, 76% of retailers agree maintaining real-time inventory visibility is a significant challenge, and 82% say their company needs better inventory management tools to ensure accuracy. By December 2021, 86% of retailers have plans to increase tech investments to advance real-time inventory visibility and reduce out-of-stocks with:

  1. Automated Inventory Verification – Inaccurate orders and out-of-stocks are one of the top reasons customers don’t complete purchases. To diminish reverse logistic costs and enhance customer experiences, automated verification systems should start from the moment inventory reaches the storefront to the moment it leaves. Modernized verification systems take this a step farther by sharing data across the supply chain to ensure products are delivered accurately within a timely fashion for both online and in-store customers.  
  2. Automated out-of-stock alerts – Out-of-stocks can be one of the most disheartening aspects of online shopping to your customers. When a product is out of stock, customers take their purchase elsewhere and you lose out on their future business. Give your customers the clarity they deserve with automated out-of-stock alerts deployed in your warehouse to prevent surprise shortages.
  3. Price management lookup – Outdated prices on items can greatly upset customers, harming the overall shopping experience. If your price tags and scanners are outdated, this can make customer satisfaction drop quickly and lead to an unorganized business model.
  4. Case or pallet-level RFID – Improve product movement visibility and streamline distribution. Manually scanning barcodes for every product can be time consuming and inefficient. To combat this, RFID pallet-level tagging can scan trailer loads of products in seconds, severely reducing inventory time and enhancing order fulfillment.
  5. Product locators – Associates can better serve customers when they know exactly where to find products because a more visible inventory leads to clearer workers. Cut down on lost items when you constantly have them located in the store. Locate every item in all situations, so you stay ready during supply and demand emergencies.
  6. Video monitoring of inventory – Conveniently monitor your store items and clamp down on security issues with video monitoring of your inventory. Control package tracking and inventory control from a single screen connected to your inventory management system.

Turn to Zebra’s RFID products for your inventory challenges.

Therefore, by 2021, your store should be heavily relying on modernized  technology to optimize inventory and build a smarter retail operation. By turning to Zebra’s RFID products for your inventory challenges, you have a solution that:

  • Prevents out-of-stocks by increasing visibility and ensuring products are easy to locate, so customers don’t leave your store when you accidentally promise an out-of-stock item.
  • Automated inventory verification. If a shopper is looking for a specific item that is listed in-stock online, they expect not just to find it at the physical store, but to easily locate it as well.
  • Streamlines returns for smooth digital operations. 46% of retail executives say they have started or are starting upgrades on their return management technologies in the next few years.
  • Connects your workforce to real-time stock counts by instant access to information during inventory. Enable your organization to act faster to supply chain needs with the right software.

Enhance your operations with Zebra’s range of RFID products. Check out the portfolio to explore all your options.

Technology helps retailers find next generation solutions for age-old challenges like returns, inventory transparency and out of stocks. Deliver on these issues and revolutionize your customer experience with Spencer Technologies. Contact us for an analysis of your current inventory methods to find a solution that best fits your goals.