Spencer Remote Digital Services ends the days of simply reacting to breakdowns. By proactively monitoring all your IT Assets, Spencer resolves issues before your business is impacted.

As a retailer, it is critical to optimize your Retail Store Operations. The importance of having all the information — inventory accuracy, applications, and communications — in the palm of your hand can never be over-stated.

When the internet drops out, printers are out of ink, or your point-of-sale system goes down you’re busy fixing technology rather than spending time with customers.

And that’s where Spencer Remote Digital Services (RDS) comes in…

At Spencer we are constantly pushing the limits of innovation to revolutionize customer experiences with disruptive solutions. Developed with both the customer and employee in mind, the RDS platform provides the visibility required to proactively manage our customer’s vast technology portfolios and transform your business.

  • Avoid Disruptions
  • Maximize Revenues
  • Optimize Resources
  • Improve Asset Management
  • Decrease Loss Prevention

By creating a customized dashboard based on your business requirements, this revolutionary technology allows all information to flow through one single pane of glass showing the real-time status of your assets and stores.

  1. CIO has real-time information about the IT deployed to his stores. This visibility helps him make crucial decisions and react quickly. With real-time alerting, he can select when he wants to receive notifications based on the criteria he chooses.
  2. Monitor your system’s health. When we see an issue like a failing point-of-sale system, we can respond before it breaks down and impacts your business. Based on AI and Machine Learning, RDS will open Service Tickets and Help Desk Actions to resolve your IT issues before they occur.
  3. RDS provides more data analytic insight. Want to see devices as they come online at a new store? Historic data on how often devices are used? Or perhaps locate root-causes of IT problems? Spencer RDS provides insightful information for smarter decision making.

With Spencer Remote Digital Services, you’ve got the power and insight you need with a global partner to support your operations. To learn more, contact us today!