Well over 50% of today’s shoppers have used buy-online-pick up-in-store, bringing the complexities of e-commerce into the storefront. When more products are purchased online, return rates increase as well, leaving room for error as reverse logistics systems must be implemented.  As it is in warehousing and order fulfillment, returns bring unique issues to store workflows such as:

  • Complicated product updates – When products re-enter your inventory, stock counts must be readily updated.
  • Return validation – To prevent fraudulent returns, products must be inspected, and purchases verified before an item is taken back.
  • Slowed processes – Manual data entry and multi-step processes can slow down the return process, ultimately affecting the customer experience.

Meet demands with the Digitized Storefront

Successful inventory management can help retain customer loyalty by preventing surprise out-of-stocks. Digitized inventory management systems connect associates to updated inventory counts, providing them with the crucial visibility needed to manage returns. Leading manufacturers like Zebra Technologies currently help storefronts modernize inventory management with:

  • Automated scanning – Manual data capture leaves a lot of room for error while stalling productivity. However, handheld corded scanners can’t move around with your associates. To resolve this issue, devices like Zebra’s CS60 companion scanner empower team members with longer battery life cycles and optimized intelligent scanning that connects to your inventory management system. Its cordless design allows you to lower operational costs and error risks anywhere in the storefront, from the receiving dock to the curbside.
  • Lightweight mobile computing – According to the 2020 Shopper Vision Study, 59% of shoppers report a better shopping experience when associates use technology to assist them. Enhancing brand identity and employee performance, enterprise-grade mobile devices like the TC21/26 enable on-the-spot price look-up, data collection, and hands-free scanning all through one Android device for easy deployment. By aggregating all your vital tasks through a cost-effective interface, your associates can expect to receive and submit inventory updates as returns come in.
  • Push-to-talk connectivity – At the core of efficient inventory management is reliable team communication. To facilitate communication channels, Zebra’s Workforce Connect application equips mobile computers with seamless push-to-talk capabilities alongside secured text messaging. Add dependable connectivity to retail-ready devices like the EC30 to streamline data capture, inventory visibility, and communication all through one device to eliminate extra steps from your returns process.

See how Workforce Connect empowers associates on the spot in our video.

Every storefront is unique, which is why efficient returns management may require more than a hardware upgrade. Contact us today see how you can create a custom pathway to digitized efficiency with technologies built for retail.