Timeline: August-October 2020

Services: Project Management, POTS Upgrade, On-site Installation, Telephony

In a world that is emerging new technology almost daily, some businesses have chosen to stick with their reliable, budget-friendly methods of technology over the years. In August 2020, our Spencer team was contacted for technicians with a very specific skillset to reprogram POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines at 300 sites across the USA.

The client had an existing POTS telephone system that was reliable throughout the years, but wanted to take advantage of AT&T’s POTS in a Box Cellular Solution.

Our Spencer Technicians were commissioned to complete the job. Technicians verified the phone lines that were on site, completed the necessary test calls to ensure the lines followed the proper call flow, and installed the AT&T POTS in a Box Cellular Solution for the client. After installation, the new transmission options include the ability for both cellular data and other alternative internet access pathways, providing diverse routing options for calls. The solution can be used to quickly deploy internet service or act as an ISP failover option in case of power outages.

The Spencer Difference:

Spencer’s certified technicians were quickly able to service 300 sites in total, reaching 60 sites per week. Our team was able to successfully reprogram and install the POTS in a Box unit, connect the alarm and phone systems to still function on a virtual line, while also help re-vamp their installation guide for future use. When a unique product or service requires a specialized expertise, Spencer leverages its highly qualified W-2 professionals to complete the project.