Before March of 2020, contactless transactions such as tap-and-pay and curbside service accounted for a little under 5% of overall retail sales. However, in a span of months, contactless transactions rose by 150%. Based on studies conducted by the National Retail Federation, convivence still remains as one of the top drivers of customer loyalty, which means convenient contactless transactions are most likely here to stay. Nevertheless, over 60% of storefronts feel unprepared to meet contactless demands. Consequently, Spencer is partnering up with leading manufacturers to investigate the components of a seamless contactless shopping solution.

Given today’s retail climate, storefront optimization is no longer a luxury. While optimization may look different in varying storefronts, the following three components tend to be indispensable when modernizing the shopping experience: 

  • Intelligent scanning power – Speed continues to be a constant consumer demand. As a matter of fact, 35% of customers are willing to pay more for faster service, which is why more successful first-time scans can set your business ahead of competition by increasing throughput. To provide an adaptable yet rugged solution that suits both associates and customers, Spencer recommends Zebra’s General-Purpose scanners like the DS9900 to increase point-of-sale productivity with hands-free data capture and trusted ease-of-use.
  • Sustained internet connectivity – With the increasing demand for curbside pickup and BOPIS fulfillment comes the need for sustained WiFi connectivity in order to secure device performance outside of the four walls. Flexible cellular options, embedded push-to-talk apps, and high-speed internet can keep curbside associates connected to in-store workflows, inventory counts, and sudden updates to create a more seamless shopping experience.
  • Real-time inventory visibility – Whether online or in-store, out-of-stocks usually result in lost business. By establishing a reliable inventory management system with efficient tracking and real-time visibility, you can manage stock quantities before they drop dangerously low. Tested solutions such as durable labeling, automated data capture, and RFID tracking have been shown to preserve inventory visibility by delivering insight directly to your associates via your preferred mobile device.

Learn more about how new customer expectations are reshaping retail in our infographic.

As a Zebra Premier Business Partner, Spencer provides a variety of future-forward hardware and software solutions to make modernization easy. Contact us today for a comprehensive assessment of your storefront to see how you can enhance satisfaction in the post-pandemic age.